Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life of the wife of a Beekeeper

Today I decided to start a blog, why ? I don't know, something to do I guess. If anything to keep a journal of my everyday life. How exciting is that. Life as a wife of a Beekeeper. To some they would say, really your husband is a Beekeeper, do you sell honey ? Do you ever get bit ? Yes and No ! Yes, we sell our honey by the case. We sell it to a lot of the fruit stands in Manteca, Stockton, Modesto even far as Fresno. So, check out the local fruit stand if you just want a jar. And do I ever get bit, well NO, but I have gotten Stung many times, and believe me, I don't like it. They hurt. My husband gets stung all the time and just acts like it's nothing, not me, I'm a big baby and don't like it at all ! We bought us a new house in the country and he said he would keep all the bee out behind the shop, yeah right, I should of known better, next thing I knew, he had some next to the house. Oh well, like I said, Life of a wife of a Beekeeper ! Now that that's off my mind and unto other stuff in my life. I had a wonderful time at New Hope Church this morning, met some new women there. They were very nice to me and invited me to sit with them, made me feel so welcome. I think I'll go again. I need to get involved in something. I definitely need prayer, prayer for my back....I have been in so much pain lately. I need a job really bad, but think, gosh, my back hurts so bad that I know I can't stand for any length of time and sitting hurts me too, so what can I do for a job. Something has to give. Tired of living on pain killers. Just writing this, talking about this is helping me to draw closer to God, seek his help and hopeful commit to something that will help me to overcome !

With God, All things are possible! He is my strength, he will carry me, he will bless me and has blessed me. Thank You Jesus !