Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Hopeful !

Have good news and bad news today. First the good news. My niece Michelle is going to have a baby. I am so excited for her and her husband Eric. She is due sometime in December. This baby will be the youngest member in our family. Second good news, my grandson JJ got his first tooth, Yeah ! And now for the bad news, I heard one of our friends, Phylis Carlton went to be with Jesus today. Now she is reunited with her husband Pastor C. I haven't seen her in years but do remember both of them well. Very sweet and loving people. I was really feeling very discouraged today, job hunting and all. I took a test yesterday with a temp agency and apparently didn't do very well. Very disappointing ! I know I have many talents, but I am really tired of doing paperwork. I wished I could find something to do at home, or work with crafts. I so wished I would of gotten that job a JoAnn Fabrics but I guess God has something better for me. He may have closed one door, but he will open another door I know for sure, he hasn't failed me yet. My God is a good God and he loves me and never fails to take care of me. Tomorrow I plan to go to Jackson to my dentist. My mom is going with me and afterwords we plan on going to the Casino for lunch and some game playing and then off to some thrift store shopping. I pick up my sister when we get into Jackson, she'll go with us. Can't wait, it will be alot of fun. Then thursday Gary and I are going to an Auction, but I'll save that for my next story ! Right now I am serious thinking about doing something that can make me some extra money and selling it online, don't know what yet. I need atleast 600 a month and then I won't have to go back to work.

Anyone have any ideas ? Love to hear about them. Well till tomorrow.....Seek God in ALL you do !