Friday, May 21, 2010

Landscaping: Our Yard and Garden

Gary and I spent all day yesterday landscaping our back yard. Now we are going to lay down sod but it was so windy today and Gary was having a really bad day today, out of breath ! Yesterday he felt pretty good. So I guess he's going to pick the sod up tomorrow morning. I hope it's a beautiful day !!  We have decided to keep everything in pots for now because this area eventually is going to be a covered patio, so nothing here will stay. Won't have to dig it up, just move it. The  two picnic tables will go back once we get the sod in, bummer, but Gary wants them there. Slowly it's all coming together. I pray Gary's heart hangs in there and gets stronger !

I will post more pictures after we put in the sod. Still want to get some ground cover with some little flowers. Well our garden is growing, we are done with the Fava Beans, thank God, as far as the plant goes, that's a lot of work. We are done with the Pea too.  I still have to blanch the some Fava Beans, Peas and more Carrots. Our Potatoes (all kinds) are growing in the blue barrels. Garlic and Onions are coming along too.

I love to see our windmill turn, but I don't like the wind ! It could stop anytime ! We live out in the middle for fields on fifteen acres and there's nothing to block to wind, so it gets pretty dusty and dirty.

But I love our home and God has truly Blessed us !