Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silent Auction

Went to an Auction over in Richmond today and I won some little cups with lids, ya know the kind you put ketchup in, a whole box full. I also got a laptop in a caring case, but it has problems, as I figured it would. They had other stuff there in the back that we could just out right buy, like tables, chairs, file cabinets etc. We bought two really nice chairs with purple color material, kinda like the ones you'd sit in at the doctors office. We also got this really cool magazine rack. It was fun. Gary didn't get any think that he bid on. It was all a silent auction. We'll probaly go again next week. The only thing I hated about the whole thing was the traffic on the freeway, drives me nuts. After the Auction we went to California Glass and picked up jars for bottling Honey and then headed home. After lunch and a short cat nap we both had to go and deal with honey, me bottling and Gary cutting comb and packing it. That took awhile. So I'm done for the evening but Gary's still going, he had to move Bees tonight. He'll be tired I'm sure. Tomorrow I get make Honey deliveries, two in Manteca and two in Modesto. I told Gary, I'm not doing anything on Saturday, I'm pooped and I have house work to do. I have some crafts I really want to work on, a lot of ideas in my head but just haven't had time. Hopefully Saturday I can. Till tomorrow, have a wonderful evening !