Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fishing at Pacifica Pier

We had such a blast yesterday, June 28th, 2010, fishing at the Pacifica Pier. We got up at three in the morning so we could get there early. The weather was beautiful, sweatshirt weather. Everyone caught some Crabs, but Gary and Tonya was the only ones to catch keepers that were big enough. They both caught two
each. I caught the only fish, a small King fish and I was lucky to even get it because my line was caught up with some man's line next to me who threw his line over mine. He had a crab on his line at the same time.

Our next Fishing trip is planned for " Half Moon Bay".
There we are going out Deep Sea Fishing, well not
me, I'll stay on shore and watch the grandkids.
 I've already done all that and really don't care to do it again...No biggy !
I am excited about camping and relaxing.
So far there will be about 16 of us planned to go.