Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 Update !

Here it is September 2014 and I am just now writing this. I need to do this more often!!  Well Gary and I made it to 40 years being married !   Wow who knew we'd make it this long.
Kids (Tonya and Mark) are getting older, and we have six (8) grandchildren: Joshua, Aidan, Kelsey, Nicolas, Josiah and Caleb plus Cheyene (Shiloh's) and Mark Jr who is waiting for us in heaven.
We still have not gone nowhere this year due to financial problems due to BEE loss other than me going with Tonya , Kelsey and Aiden to the beach.

We are still in the lawsuit. It's coming along but not fast enough for us! Gary is still having breathing problems and my feet are still hurting. Found out that I have a bone (heal) spur and was told I need surgery. I hope to get it taken care of soon. Plus I hope by December/January I can get the gastric bypass done and eliminate the majority of my problems. My daughter and daughter in law have both had it done and are doing great!
I know I can do this too! Just need the insurance which I am working on! 

In May of this year I had someone I have known for years ask me if I would teach a painting class so I got with the Lathrop Senior Center and started having classes there. I called it "Painting with Patty"
I would teach the class every Tuesday from 4 to 7. It became a problem with me carrying all my stuff back and forth from home with my feet problem so I am having them at my house now. My last class was the 2nd Tuesday in September. Now I am going to hold off till October and that's a maybe.

I am currently attending a watercolor class at the Manteca Senior Center on Mondays. It's a lot of fun and there are a lot of ladies there to compare and chat with. My mom even joined too, but I don;t think she likes it. I am excited because I get to hang two of my painting there for about 3 months and I can sale them too !
I have a feeling that Christmas is gong to be like last money!  I have managed to start on some gifts that I an making. Sorry though, can't post just yet because my family might read this.  I think they will like it.
As far as Gary and I, I don't think we will be buying for each other, again. How depressing !!!

I try to stay busy, painting keeps my mine off a lot of things and lets me just enjoy life one day at a time.
I believe God will come through for us through the lawsuit and then we will be able to pay off all our bills and then Gary can decide what he wants to do as far as keeping this house or moving to Alaska, As for me I don't know what I want to do.  I still need to pray about it and make my request known to the Lord....but even I don't know yet.  Time...I still have time. So for now, this is all and hopefully I will keep this updated.  Toodles and God Bless!

2013 Overview !

I haven't been on here for almost two years...Wow didn't realize. Probably because facebook takes up so much of my time.  So here goes. Where to start ?  Okay first I can start by saying this has been one hardest financial year for us. Gary has lost 95% of his BEES due to pesticides. We are currently in a lawsuit so I will not be talking about it....Period! But because of it we lost our medical insurance, which is hard because we need it so bad. I basically didn't buy any birthday present in 2013 because of no money. Christmas I did manage to buy 12 towels (2 per grandchild) and embroidery their names on them. Gave a 2 1/2 lb jar of Honey to everyone else. This was the first year in our 39 years married that Gary and I didn't buy each other any gifts. Christmas is my favorite holiday and it just broke my heart that we are going through this.  But it will pass and we will prevail !!!!  God will bless us, I know it.  We have struggled a few times to pay our mortgage so Gary had to sell a lot of stuff to make ends meet. But God has seen us through. We didn't go on any trips this year, no camping trips, no fishing trips!  Gary's health is not the best. He has be having a breathing problem all year, so he doesn't do much. I have feet problems to add to all my other problems and it sucks because no insurance! I am able to go to Jackson Medical group, so a least I can keep my prescriptions going. Just praying our lawsuit hurry ups!!!