Monday, December 31, 2012


Just thinking back on 2012 and all the events that has happened in my life in 2012. Don't really remember some dates, and some I do. Well of course two happy date are our birthdays Gary's the 29th and mine the 30th of January....coming up fast ! Didn't do anything special and probably will be just another day in 2013. Of course we had a lot of Grand kids birthdays to celebrate this year, they are always fun. June 15 Gary and I were married for 38 years. Just went out to dinner. Had some sad news this year, my older brother Clifford Sturges passed away on September 16th and that was really hard. He had just turned 62. I got a job taking care of an 87 year old lady named Lydia. Basically all I do is make her breakfast and lunch, and a few things around the house. Very easy job and believe me I think it's the only job I can do right now, because of my physical condition. I am out of shape, and have many health things going on. Besides being overweight, diabetic problems, neurophy in my feet, kidney failure, fibermylgia and of course good ole back pain. Have I listed enough ? Oh yeah, high blood pressure. But all that being said I hope to get rid of a lot of those problems in year 2013 just by losing weight !  I only went one place this year and that was to a cabin in Lake Tahoe with my daughter and her family. Gary stayed home. Made lots of  jewelry and sold some. Had a Boutique at the Lathrop Senior Center right before Christmas. After reading over all I did, I'd have to say it's pretty pathetic...I can basically sum up a whole year of my life in a 1/2 page. Is this it ? Next year has to be better !!!!!!!!!

Go to more places... even if by myself.
Say "I Love you" more
Do something to make a difference to someone
Spend more time with GOD !!!
Get involved in, bingo (not someone)