Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Gary and I started out our day by going to Costco and getting some groceries. I ran into a girlfriend that I went to high school with. Debbie Huffman (Reigle). I used to ride the school bus with her for years. She was one of the persons that gives you samples in Costco. So great news, she's going to set me up to do it to. You work 2 to 5 hrs a day part time. So I should be hearing from them soon.  So hope to see you there, I know almost everyone goes to Costco some time or other. We bought this really cool Date Palm when we were there. Looks great by our front door, for now. We spent a few hours out working in this beautifl weather, moving flower pots around, taking away some and adding some new ones. Then it was nap time, short one......... Then had to bottle 7 cases of honey, wash some lids and 2 trays, sweep my floors, eat dinner and I started to say now I'm done, but realized I still have a load of clothes in the dryer to be put away, darn ! Well maybe I can do that tomorrow, I'm tired. I hope it don't rain tomorrow till I get back fom making my honey run in Stockton, I hate driving in it.  So I will stop for now, have a good night.

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