Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a new day !

It's a new day !
So much to do today and don't feel like doing anything ! 
Got up this morning & was running into walls, what's up with that ?  Was gonna lay around in pj's today, but someone wanted to come by and get honey, so much for that idea. Oh well ! 

It's funny how somethings we like to do 
                 and then there's things we don't:  like .......
I love to cook, don't like cleaning up the mess:
I love to do laundry, don't like putting them away:
it's fun putting dishes into the dish washer, 

                don't like putting them away:
sleeping in my bed, don't want to make it:
taking a bath or shower, but don't want to clean it:

like spending money, but don't want to work for it:
it's always easy to let someone else do it for us!
We all can use change !
see trash on the ground, pick it up:
a chair needs pushed in, push it in:
taking your dish to the kitchen, offer to take theirs too:
put your shoes where they belong:
straighten up the hand towel you just used:
wipe your feet !, or offer to sweep:
don't expect someone else to do what you can do for yourself.

ask yourself "What can I do to help?"

or how about manners, try to always say
OR tell someone "I love you" 

          without expecting the same back !

Everyday we have to make decisions 
and some we like and some we don't, 
but that being said with God's help, 
we can make the right decisions. 
The rest is up to you !

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